7 reasons why truck driving may be the perfect career for you!

Post Date - Jan 23, 2023

7 reasons why truck driving may be the perfect career for you!

Truck driving is a great career choice full of amazing opportunities for success. The list of positives for becoming a Commercial Driver’s Licensed (CDL) truck driver is long, but here are our top seven picks for the best reasons to choose truck driving as a career.

You’ll earn a high income that is reliable. Truck drivers keep America and its powerful economy running. The skills and services truck drivers bring to the table are invaluable. Overall, trucking companies offer drivers long-term high earning potential and financial stability.

There are great benefits. CDL-A truck drivers not only receive great pay, but they are also rewarded with full-scale, comprehensive benefits. As a truck driver, you can expect to receive medical, dental, and vision insurance, along with 401(k) retirement plans so you can plan for your future. For example, Averitt offers excellent, comprehensive insurance coverage with low weekly plans for individuals and families. We also provide company-paid life insurance and short-term disability benefits, plus an amazing profit-sharing plan that allows our driving associates to share in the rewards of our efforts. A portion of company profits is given back to associates as monthly direct deposits into their retirement accounts.

The process to become a CDL-A licensed truck driver is a fast one. Earning a CDL is the first step to being a truck driver. Most training schools have programs that last between four and six weeks, putting you on the road in no time compared to most vocations and setting you up for a lifelong career. You may also find opportunities to earn while you work toward your CDL. Our Dock-to-Driver Training Program gives you the chance to work on the dock while receiving on-the-job training to help you earn your CDL! Once you have your CDL, you’ll be ready to get behind the wheel and explore the many driving job options our team offers.

There are many paths for personal and professional growth. Transportation is a field that provides support for its employees to push themselves as individuals and grow their career. As you learn more about your career goals, you’re sure to find ways to reach them. Our team is committed to promoting from within so our driving associates can grow their career in whatever direction best fits their lifestyle.

There’s a constant need for truck drivers. America relies on truck drivers for the delivery of food, home goods, building supplies, fuel – the list goes on and on. Truck drivers and their skilled services are irreplaceable! Because of this, the industry is well-insulated from recessions. For example, Averitt has been in business for more than 50 years, which is a testament to the stability of the transportation industry as well as our team’s commitment to success.

You get to travel… for work! This may be one of the coolest parts of the job! As a truck driver, you’re able to travel through several states all while officially on the clock. If you’re someone who dreads the thought of being cooped up in a cubicle or warehouse, truck driving could be ideal for you.

It’s a noble career. Last, but certainly not least, truck driving is a noble career full of honorable people. Truck drivers work hard to connect the service industry to customers. They may be behind-the-scenes to many people, but the work of truck drivers is evident to everyone in the country. At Averitt, we see our truck driver associates as the professionals they are and have committed to enabling and celebrating all their success!

If you’re thinking of taking the next step in launching your career behind the wheel, the best place to start is the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). You’ll find a step-by-step list of how to get your permit, train, and prepare for obtaining your CDL. And remember, if you want to get started at a leading carrier while you work toward your CDL, Averitt’s Dock-to-Driver Program gives you the chance to learn about the industry and gain experience that will put you ahead.

Once you have your CDL, there are many career paths open to you, including joining Averitt, where we have a wide range of opportunities, benefits, and advantages. Good luck on your career journey, and we look forward to welcoming you to our team in the future.