Post Date - Feb 18, 2021

Before COVID-19, the orientation program here at Averitt was a 3- to 4-day intensive, but fun and energetic, course at our corporate campus in Cookeville, TN. This is where you’d get your first look at our Averitt facilities and be immersed in the company culture we’re so proud of all week long. Like the rest of the world, we’ve had to pivot our orientation experience for new drivers in order to provide you with a safe way to get all the information you need as you start your journey to become an Averitt driver.

So, what can you expect during your orientation?

Prior to the start of your virtual orientation week, you’ll be assigned an onboarding specialist who will help you along the way. This is the person who ensures that your paperwork, documents and training are completed before your first day. We’ll also send you a package containing several uniforms, benefits information and paperwork, and all other documents specific to your new role. In addition to your onboarding specialist, you’ll also have our entire Driver Services Team to assist you.

During your customized virtual orientation experience, you’ll get access to videos and computer-based training modules. Everything can be completed on your schedule using a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. As long as you have everything completed by the end of the day on Thursday of your orientation week, you’ll be good to go. This gives our new drivers a lot more flexibility compared to our in-person program.

One of the most unique aspects of our orientation at Averitt is that our chairman and CEO Gary Sasser has always made a point to connect with new associates. He used to attend orientation every week when the program was in person. Since we’ve transitioned to a virtual model, Gary has called nearly 600 new associates to welcome them to Averitt, and he continues to do so each week. These personal one-on-one phone calls with Averitt’s owner, which are also followed up by a letter from Gary, are great examples of our open-door policy. Gary plans to continue these calls as long as we are doing orientation remotely.

The hands-on portion of your orientation training, which includes road tests, DOT physicals, drug screen and badge photos, will be completed at your local service center. A local leader will give each new driver a tour of the facility, introduce you to the maintenance department, and escort you to your truck. The road test administrator will observe from a distance and not enter the cab. You will be expected to complete all the typical parts of a road test with the exception of driving on a public highway.

Now that you’ve learned about what our virtual orientation experience is like, are you ready to join the Averitt team? Let’s connect!