Think long term: Averitt’s “Over 20 Team” breaks trucking industry trends

Post Date - Jan 21, 2019

Career longevity is a thing of the past in most instances. There’s the probability of change in any industry, and today’s workforce demands more from employers than just a regular paycheck. Trucking is particularly known for its growing shortage of experienced truck drivers and the inability for companies to hold onto their CDL-A drivers long-term. At Averiitt Express, we’ve proven that it’s possible to create one of the best trucking companies around where people want to work and, ultimately, build a career that makes them proud. Our “Over 20 Team” continues to grow strong even as the industry faces significantly high turnover rates.

The Over 20 Team is an exclusive group of associates who have given 20 or more years of service with Averitt. This elite group currently consists of 1,232 of our experienced truck drivers and team members - which is 15 percent of our full-time associates. Together, they represent over 20 different positions at Averitt and have accumulated 31,735 years of service.

When you look at the breakdown of our Over 20 Team, you’ll find that total years of service ranges anywhere from 20 years all the way up to 48 years. There are eight associates who have been with Averitt for over four decades, including Gary Sasser, our president and CEO who tops the list with 48 years of service. We’ll also add Shuttle Driver, Andy Patterson to the list when he celebrates his 40th anniversary later this year.

Our experienced truck drivers make up over half of the Over 20 Team. They have a combined 17,204 years of service throughout their careers and an impressive 14,574 total years of safe driving. In a world where distractions are many, a lengthy driving record free of preventable accidents is the mark of a great CDL-A driver. At Averitt, we make sure that our driving professionals have all the tools they need to become some of the safest and most experienced truck drivers in the industry.

One of the things that separates the best trucking companies from the rest is its ability to prioritize people. We’re proud of the family-friendly atmosphere that thrives here, as well as the unique financial and lifestyle advantages we’re able to offer our team. For CDL-A drivers, that means fantastic home time options, competitive pay, great insurance benefits and endless career opportunities. Once you experience the Averitt culture, you’ll understand why our drivers consider us a top trucking company.

Other interesting stats about Over 20 Team list:

  • Average age of OTT associates: 56
  • Average age at date of hire: 30
  • Number of associates with 30+ years of service: 317
  • Number of associates who started part time and are now full time: 539
  • Number of leaders on the OTT: 261
  • Total number of CDL-A drivers: 650+

If you’re a CDL-A experienced truck driver looking to build a long-term career with one of the best trucking companies around, you’re in the right place. Click here to take your first steps toward joining the Over 20 Team at Averitt today.