Post Date - Sep 27, 2021

We’re so ready for our brand-new Freightliner Cascadia trucks to join the fleet! Are you as excited about them as we are? There are so many things to love about these trucks, but our favorites are all the new features that have your safety in mind. At Averitt, driver safety is always our priority, so many of the additional features including lane-departure protection and intelligent high beams are designed to help us deliver outstanding service and get our drivers home safely. Want to see what’s inside? Here’s a quick look at all the safety features:

Side guard assist - This helps to detect objects in your blind spot. It has both a visual and audible warning system to help you avoid lane-change and right-turn accidents.

Adaptive cruise - The adaptive cruise system monitors the vehicles in your path and will automatically slow your truck in stop-and-go traffic to avoid rear-end collisions.

Intelligent high beams - This feature can adjust your high-beam or low-beam headlights as it senses low-light conditions and oncoming traffic.

Pedestrian braking system - If a pedestrian crosses in the path of your truck, this system will give you a warning message and engage partial or full braking based on the distance between your truck and the pedestrian.

Traffic sign display - The truck’s forward-facing camera can detect speed limit signs. You’ll be able to see this transmitted to your dash so you can check your speed.

Lane-departure detection - This feature is designed to alert drivers if their truck starts to veer out of the lane. It will also counter-steer the truck back into the lane.

Automatic wipers/headlamps - In auto mode, if sensors on the truck detect precipitation on the windshield or low light conditions, the truck will automatically turn on wipers or headlamps as needed. Once the wet conditions stop, the wipers turn off or if lighting improves the headlights will turn off.

Lane-keep assist - This helps drivers stay centered in the lane and to stay alert. It’s also adjustable to keep the truck at the left- or right-center of the lane.

Forward-facing event recorders - These are forward-facing cameras only (no in-cab cameras that face the driver or cab) to help protect our drivers

Other safety features include an anti-jackknife system, 100% automatic transmissions, Qualcomm satellite tracking, air-ride suspension, anti-lock brakes, and engine brakes.

If you want to drive one of our new Freightliner trucks or want to learn more about joining our team, now’s the perfect time to reach out! Connect with us today.