Safety, Comfort, and Performance: Inside Averitt's 2024 Freightliner Fleet

Post Date - Apr 16, 2024

As an industry leader for over five decades, we have always prioritized setting high standards and ensuring driver satisfaction. Our commitment to excellence continues with the arrival of our new fleet of 2024 Freightliners, tailored with cutting-edge features and the latest safety technology to elevate your driving experience. Here's a closer look at what makes our equipment stand out and why it's designed with you in mind.

We understand the invaluable contribution our associates make each day. That's why our 2024 Freightliners are meticulously engineered to deliver top-notch performance and reliability on the road. Powered by Detroit Engines and Detroit automatic 12-speed transmissions, these trucks offer unparalleled efficiency and smooth operation, ensuring a seamless journey from start to finish. Equipped with advanced safety features like enhanced stability control, front radar collision detection, lane departure warnings, and blind spot detectors, you can drive with confidence, knowing we’ve got your back and that you're protected at every turn.

Our fleet of Freightliners, with an average age of only 2.3 years, ensures top-notch condition, minimizing downtime and keeping you on the road. With over 100 service centers nationwide, help is readily available whenever you need it.

While the safety and reliability of our equipment are top priorities for us, we also value the comfort and convenience of our associates. Our Freightliners are not just trucks; they are your home on the road. Our spacious cabs are designed for maximum comfort, and they come complete with ergonomic seats, advanced HVAC systems, and intuitive digital dashboards. Built to withstand any weather condition, these trucks feature high-tech insulation, heated side mirrors, and aerodynamic design for enhanced visibility and control.

It's essential to rest and recharge when you have downtime. That's why our Freightliners are equipped with a range of in-cab amenities to help you relax and recharge during breaks. From Thermo King diesel APUs to keep your cab at the perfect temperature to integrated entertainment features like prewired power inverters and flat-screen TV mounts, we've thought of everything to make your time off as enjoyable as possible.

With top-of-the-line equipment, unwavering support, and endless opportunities for growth, we are where your truck driving career truly begins. Are you ready to experience the Averitt difference? Join our team today and discover why so many drivers choose us for driving and non-driving opportunities. Start your journey toward success on the open road today.