Post Date - Jan 18, 2021

When you hear the words “driver services,” it could cover a variety of activities. But we want to make sure our driving associates know the most important thing about Averitt’s Driver Services department: They’re here for YOU!

The primary goal of the Driver Services team is to serve as the link between drivers and operations. The more we reach out to our driving associates for input and feedback, the better we can make everyone’s experience at Averitt.

In the Driver Services team, there are two groups. One group calls Averitt drivers from the corporate office, while the other meets with drivers face-to-face in the field.

The corporate group calls 600+ new and tenured drivers per week, acting as an additional resource to drivers for communication, especially OTR drivers who primarily interact solely with dispatch. These phone calls have been especially valuable during the 2020 pandemic when drivers haven’t been able to spend as much time interacting with other Averitt associates.

The Driver Services team wants to hear about ANY issue driving associates have – pay, benefits, technology issues, or even a shower in a service center that needs to be fixed. They can also help with personal or family issues or direct them to someone who can.

Michelle Thomas, one of our Driver Services coordinators, says she often talks to driving associates about their career goals so she can help them grow. “I have talked to one of our drivers, Reginald, quite often, getting his feedback and asking what I can do to help him,” Michelle said. “He wanted to continue growing his career with Averitt and move into LTL. So when a shuttle position opened, I reached out to him. He’s now transferred to a shuttle position in Dallas and is enjoying it very much.”

Another Driver Services coordinator, Jennifer Miller, has had similar experiences helping drivers resolve issues big and small. “Our driving associate Shane was having trouble viewing his pay statements when he transferred to a new position. During our cookout, I met Shane and learned of the issue, so I connected with his leadership to get it resolved. It took a few steps, but I made sure we got it taken care of and communicated it to Shane. It was just a great way to help him so he wasn’t trying to do it while on the road or during his down time.”

For Averitt associates, it is good to know that when you come to someone in Driver Services with an issue, they won’t just pass you off. They take action like Michelle and Jennifer did, then each of them will follow up to make sure everything was resolved. If our drivers are happy, like most associates with Averitt are, they’ll stay with us for a long, satisfying career. Of Averitt's total workforce, 15% have been with the company 20 years or more.

Driver associates are urged to reach out whenever a need arises and can be assured of confidentiality and a resolution of any issues. In addition, driving associates are encouraged to candidly share opinions and feedback with the Driver Services team to help us all improve every day. That’s how we will remain at the top of the industry!