Post Date - Feb 17, 2022

Meet Brenda Stoker. She’s one of Averitt’s city dispatchers at our Dallas service center. In her leadership role, Brenda spends a lot of her days mentoring and developing new leaders within our driver group.

“It’s important to me to grow new leaders,” she says. “I do it every day. When an associate comes to me with questions, I let them know what they need to do to be successful.”

Brenda hasn’t always been a dispatcher. She started working with us back in 1999 as a part-time dock associate. Brenda is one of the many Averitt associates who have been promoted from within as they grow their careers.

“If you want to excel, you can do it here,” she explains. “You just have to put forth the effort. If moving up is something you want to do, which I did, leadership tells you what you need to do to get there.”

It means a lot to Brenda to have a leadership role within our company.

“I feel like I’m a part of something,” she says. “We’ve grown so much and being a part of it, watching us grow, I feel like I grew right along with the company.”

At Averitt, we believe in promoting from within our current team so much that we’ve made it our motto. We’ve found that the best candidates are ones who believe in what we’re doing here and who fit right in with our Averitt family. It’s no surprise that more often than not, the perfect choice for a new position is already one of us.
In just the last three years alone, we’ve made 239 promotions from within and helped these associates advance their careers. Whether you’re wanting to move from regional driving to a local route, get off the road and embark on a non-driving career, or take on more leadership responsibilities, there are endless opportunities for you to do that here.

“I feel like Averitt is just like a family to me,” Brenda adds. “The things they go through and the things I go through in life - we’re all doing it together as a family. We’re Averitt strong. The power of one person can feel like the power of a million and it’s what we bring to the table.”

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