Inside Averitt's City Driving: Michael and Ruben's Journey

Post Date - Jun 6, 2024

City driving presents a unique set of challenges and rewards for professional drivers. Unlike long-haul routes, city driving involves navigating through congested streets, making frequent pickup and delivery stops, and maintaining tight schedules within busy urban environments. It's a dynamic setting that demands expertise, resilience, and a personal touch. We recognize the invaluable contributions of our city associates, who tackle these challenges every day.

In the streets of Chicago, you'll find Michael Jefferson and Ruben Benitez, two seasoned city drivers who embody the spirit of our culture. With a combined tenure of over 15 years, their passion for city driving and commitment to customer service shines through in every delivery.

Michael, with 6.5 years of experience, thrives on the special connections he's forged with customers in the Northlake area. "I’ve developed a personal relationship with each and every customer. It’s a challenging area, but that’s no problem for me," he said. "I enjoy the challenge."

Joining Michael is Ruben, who started on his journey with us in 2016. He echoes Michael's sentiment, emphasizing the significance of building strong relationships with customers. "I like to represent Averitt. It’s a great company with a good culture. We always go the extra mile, making a difference daily," he added.

Both Michael and Ruben enjoy the technical aspects of city driving, honing their skills and growing their knowledge with each maneuver.” There are lots of hard backing maneuvers with city driving. It can be difficult, but when you’re doing something constantly, you have no choice but to get better at it. It’s a surefire way to grow your skills," Michael shared.

Their dedication and expertise, backed by our longstanding commitment to supporting our associates in lifelong, rewarding careers, have propelled their careers forward. "There are ample opportunities to advance, and the wages are fair. They’ll give you every tool you need to do your job on a day-to-day basis," Michael noted.

Ruben agrees, emphasizing our supportive community and opportunities for growth. "We all help each other out and share techniques and skills. We’re not just a trucking company; we’re a family,” he remarked.

Our commitment to work-life balance has been transformative for drivers like Michael and Ruben. "I'm home every day and on the weekends, which has been the biggest change for me. I wanted to work for a grounded, family-oriented company," Michael said. “And that’s what I got here.”

"Going home every single day is unbeatable," Ruben added. "You make 10-12 stops a day, and at the end of the day, you get to go home—that’s a beautiful thing."

We are dedicated to prioritizing the well-being and success of all our associates. Our unwavering support, top-of-the-line equipment, and commitment to professional development enable our city drivers to thrive in their roles and advance in their careers.

“At my training, [Averitt Chairman and Chief Executive Officer] Gary Sasser came out and shook all our hands. He made sure we all felt welcomed – that speaks volumes," Ruben said. “It made me want to dedicate my career to Averitt.”

Michael agrees. " If you’re looking for a place where you can grow and have a stable, rewarding career, Averitt is the right choice."

City driving with us offers a dynamic and rewarding career path for those who thrive in a fast-paced urban environment. We focus on building relationships, continuous improvement, and work-life balance and provide our associates with the tools and support they need to succeed. If you’re considering a career in city driving, our team is the perfect place for you to grow and thrive.

Connect with us today for more information on our city driving positions, as well as other driving and non-driving opportunities. We’re driving success—one mile at a time.