Post Date - Jul 16, 2021

Getting your HazMat endorsement can open up a lot of opportunities for you as a truck driver. Not only will you be able to transport a wider variety of freight, but you’ll also have the ability to increase your income. At Averitt, our regional drivers earn more per mile when they have their HazMat endorsement. If you’re ready to take your professional driving career to the next level, here are your next steps:

1. Make sure you meet the basic requirements to apply

In order to apply for your HazMat endorsement, you must be at least 21 years old and have a valid CDL or CDL permit. You’ll also need to provide proof of identity such as a U.S. passport, birth certificate, or Certificate of U.S. Citizenship. A DOT medical card is also required.

2. Complete the application

If you meet the requirements to apply for your HazMat endorsement, the first thing you need to do in most states is fill out an application. This step is basically a background check. Many states have an online application, but you’ll need to check the requirements of your state. If you live in Florida, Kentucky, Maryland, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia or Wisconsin, head to your state’s DOT website and search for “HazMat”. For all other states, visit and select the HazMat endorsement icon on the left side.

3. Visit an enrollment center

For drivers who live in a state that uses the universal enrollment process, your next step will be to visit a DHS enrollment center. You can find your closest location using the same website as above. Once you’ve chosen an enrollment center, schedule an appointment by calling 855-347-8371 or through the website by selecting “manage appointments” on the HazMat page. Make sure you bring your proof of identification with you when you go to your appointment.

If you live in a state that does not use the universal enrollment website, check with your state to learn how to schedule an appointment.

4. Wait for the process

It can take up to two months for your application to be reviewed. You can check the status of your application by going back to Make sure you print off your application for your records once it’s approved. If, for some reason, your application is rejected, you have the right to appeal.

5. Study for the test

The next step is to prepare for the HazMat test. Some drivers find online study guides and practice tests to be helpful, but we feel this can still leave gaps since online study guides may contain outdated information. We recommend you study directly from section nine of your state’s CDL manual.

6. Take the test

When your background check is completed and you feel prepared, it’s time to see what you’ve learned. Head to your local DMV to take the HazMat endorsement test. Don’t forget to bring all of your required documentation and approved application. You may also be required to take a vision test while you’re there.

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