Post Date - Apr 1, 2019

When it comes to looking for a truck driving job, what do you look for the most? Many drivers would say that how much money they’ll be able to make is the most important factor they consider when they’re looking at a potential new employer. While your income opportunity is definitely one piece of a job search, it’s important to remember that a driving job is more than the cents per mile you can earn.

“Instead of looking at CPM as the priority, drivers should look at the carrier as a whole and evaluate whether the company will give them enough to support their family,” says David Broyles, director of driver services for Averitt. “Consider the value each potential employer has to offer you, your career and your personal life.”

We get it - it’s easy to understand why more pay is beneficial. However, it’s not the only factor that contributes to making a potential employer a great place for associates. Here are some of the other available benefits you should look at when evaluating different carriers:

Insurance options

It’s important that you take a look at the cost of all the insurance options a potential employer is offering, as well as the coverage you’ll get. Find out if the carrier only offers medical plans or if they provide dental and vision benefits as well. Don’t forget to ask about prescription coverage, life and disability insurance, and whether or not you’ll have access to telemedicine for routine issues while you’re on the road. At Averitt, our insurance coverage includes free annual health screenings that can lower your premiums, annual stress tests, hearing aids, and discounts on coverage for non-smokers.

Equipment, training & facilities

See if the potential employer has multiple service centers or terminals available for drivers. These are convenient places to stop along your route - and give you the opportunity for a free shower! They’re also a safer alternative to truck stops. Averitt associates enjoy access to more than 100 locations where they can stop and rest with exercise facilities, showers, Wi-Fi and laundry available.

In addition to great equipment and the latest technology, you’ll also want to find out if the carrier covers any education or certifications. For instance, Averitt covers annual Hazmat renewals and background checks, which saves you $100-$125.

Additional pay opportunities

It’s not just about your pay per mile – carriers often provide other opportunities to increase your income. For some carriers, it can be as simple as paid orientation, paid time off, holiday pay, profit sharing, referral and reward programs, and minimum mileage pay (short haul pay). Averitt offers all of those plus $100 stop-off pay, $200 layover pay and per diem pay. Make sure you find out whether the carrier charges an admin fee for per diem pay. We’re proud to say that Averitt does not, which allows you to increase your weekly take-home pay by about $100 and reduce your taxable income.

Flex spending accounts

Flexible spending accounts, like those available at Averitt, are a great way to pay for some of your out-of-pocket health care costs. Since your contributions to this account are tax free, you can make your money go further in places where it’s most important.


Uniforms save drivers money because they eliminate the need to purchase additional clothes for driving. Averitt provides our drivers $150 annually for uniform purchases.

Overall culture and communication

Although company culture and communication are not fiscal advantages for your job, they are two of the most important things you’ll want to consider when looking for a driving job. Ask around about the carrier and do your research online to see what other people are saying about the culture.

At Averitt, we’re very proud to offer all of these great advantages. It’s one of the aspects of the company we’re most proud of. It’s also a big part of why so many Averitt associates stay for the long haul – 13 percent of our associates are members of our Over 20 Team, those who have been with Averitt for at least 20 years. As a responsible employer and corporate citizen, Averitt and our associates take community involvement to a higher level by supporting various charities and community causes. Through Averitt Cares for Kids, which is 100-percent funded through associate contributions, we give to programs like St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital that save the lives of children every day.

Wherever you decide to make your career home, we wish you the best on your job search. If you’re interested in learning more about an Averitt career, one of our recruiters would be happy to chat with you.