How to choose a carrier

Post Date - Feb 6, 2023

Top 3 tips for choosing a truck driving carrier

Looking for a truck driving carrier to make your career home can be a daunting task! With so many options to choose from and so many factors influencing such a big decision, we’ve gathered the top three tips to choosing a carrier that’s best for CDL-A drivers like you.

#1 Generous compensation

The work truck drivers do can only be accomplished by some; it takes real skill and dedication to be a part of such a noble career field. When looking for a carrier, you should prioritize compensation for the skillset you’re bringing to the table. Fair compensation is more than what number is on your paycheck each month – look for carriers that offer bonuses and opportunities for internal promotion. At Averitt, we know just how important it is to support our driver associates with compensation beyond regular earnings. We offer referral bonuses and a 401(k) and profit sharing retirement plan, and we’ve committed ourselves to promoting our drivers first.

#2 Reputation, culture & stability

One of the best ways to find a carrier that will treat you the way you deserve is to research their reputation. Do they have a mission statement that they’re committed to? Do they have a core set of values that creates a good company culture? How many years have they been in operation? Do their drivers stay with the company long term? Is their company culture positive? All of these are great questions to ask and get the answers to before you choose a carrier! Averitt driver associates tend to join us and stay – more than 15% of our associates have been with us for over 20 years thanks to our positive company culture that rewards great work.

#3 Ample home time

Home time is another important aspect of selecting a carrier to partner with. Truck driving companies should have projections for the amount of home time you’ll receive if you come on board. And they should stick to that commitment! You have a right to be at home; sacrificing that should be out of the question. Our regional driver associates average more than 55 hours of home time each weekend. Local drivers, as well as some dedicated drivers, are home daily. Choosing a carrier that makes sure you get home when you need to be is vital to having a successful career!

Bonus tip!

Some carriers offer training programs to help jumpstart your career. If you’re interested in choosing a carrier that has a training program, make sure to look for one that pays while you learn – you deserve to get rewarded for preparing to be a driving professional! Our Dock-to-Driver Training Program gets you hands-on experience along with financial compensation, putting you one step ahead of the rest!

Another thing to keep in mind: To apply for one of our truck driving positions requires you to have three months of experience. Our mission is to hire the best driver associates in the nation, and we want YOU to plan to be a part of our team. Once you start your truck driving career, keep us in mind if you want to achieve success like never before.

Do you already have three months of experience and are ready to make the move to Averitt? Are you looking for a carrier that is committed to its driving professionals? Apply with Averitt today!