7 Need-to-Know Tips for a Successful Truck Driving Career

Post Date - Feb 13, 2023

7 Need-to-Know Tips for a Successful Truck Driving Career

Truck drivers play a vital role in keeping America’s economy moving. With such an important career field, you’re sure to experience the many benefits and rewards that come with getting behind the wheel of a truck. Averitt cares about the success of all truck driver associates, so we’ve created a list of the top seven tips for having a successful truck driving career.

Put safety first
There are several ways to prioritize safety while on the road. Since you’re protecting not only yourself, but also others on the road, its vital to complete your pre-trip inspections. Before you leave, make sure that your tires, brakes and headlights are in working order.

While you can take steps to prioritize your own safety, finding a carrier that also puts drivers’ safety first is critical. Having the safest trucks on the road is No. 1 at Averitt. We have several safety initiatives in place to ensure that our driver associates finish their routes safely and get back to their loved ones.

Manage your time

If you want to set yourself apart from the rest, managing your time is key. Getting your loads delivered on time helps you create a reputation of reliability for yourself. This puts you on the fast track to having a successful truck driving career!

Taking frequent stops can put you behind schedule, something you should strive to avoid. Try to align your restroom breaks with your meal breaks so that you’re stopping once instead of twice. A great way to get an appropriate handle on managing your time is to plan out the routes you’ll be driving.

Plan your routes

Becoming comfortable with your routes is one of the first steps to becoming comfortable behind the wheel. Learn the fastest and safest routes to your destinations and plan your trip to take construction or traffic delays into account whenever possible. It’s important to know what big cities you may be driving through and determine what challenges you’ll face in an 18-wheeler.

Find mentors

The bonds between truck drivers run deep since no one really understands the ins and outs of the profession quite like your fellow truckers. Having someone you can vent to or answer the questions you’re sure to encounter can be the difference between having a successful career and being frustrated.

Prioritize your health

It can be difficult to find time and ways to care for your physical health once you get in the driver’s seat. The hours you spend sitting increase, and accessing unhealthy foods at gas stations and fast-food restaurants becomes easier. Maintaining your physical health by making time to stop at rest stops for walks and choosing fresh, seasonal foods can make a world of difference in sustaining your physical health and keeping your mental health in shape.

Choosing a carrier that supports the health of its drivers is paramount in having a successful and sustainable truck driving career. That’s why we offer comprehensive health insurance – medical, dental, and vision – to our associates, as well as a wealth of other resources to help them live well!

Keep your cab organized

Another way to make sure you’re caring for your mental health is to keep your cab organized. Life on the road can get busy, and keeping your cab tidy might not be “urgent” on your to-do list. But having a cab free of trash and clutter can greatly improve your mental state while you’re on the road and away from home.

If you want to make your cab even more comfortable, consider bringing items from home that add to your space. When you go on overnight trips, you’ll be spending most of your days and nights in your cab – having it suited to your needs will help to keep you motivated and at your best!

Maintain hobbies outside of work

Keeping up with the activities you enjoy in your personal life is key to achieving success in your professional life. Having a hobby that you have fun doing when you’re off the road will give you something to look forward to and help to keep you motivated. It’s important to have time at home to spend on those activities, one reason why we prioritize home time for drivers!

If you want to get your truck driving career on the pathway to success, Averitt is the place to be. Connect with us today to learn more about our driving opportunities!