Celebrate Mother’s Day with this Averitt mother-daughter duo

Post Date - May 12, 2023

Finding your passion is one of the most rewarding parts of life – and if you’re really fortunate, you’re able to follow your dream alongside a loved one. That’s the case with mother-daughter duo Casey Ginder and Megan Brock, who both found their calling with Averitt.

Casey is a driver support specialist who rotates between our Charlotte and Greensboro locations, and Megan is a coordinator with our production and event division, On Tour Logistics, in Cookeville. Despite being in different departments, and even based in different states, Casey and Megan remain close through their shared connection with our team and industry.

“One of the things I love about working here is the close-knit groups you build with the people you’re working with, and I am glad to be on the same team as my daughter,” Casey says. “We have a great family atmosphere here at Averitt, and Megan was able to witness that at a young age. I just knew she would find her niche here, and it was going to be very possible she could work around her college schedule.”

Taking her mother’s advice, Megan applied and started her career with us in 2015.

“When I was in college, I would often carpool to work with Mom,” Megan says. “Because I was around Averitt so much when I was younger, I got to see the close bond my mom had with her fellow associates. I got a sneak peek of the culture, and I thought that was unique. Her coworkers were her friends, and that was something I desired in a career!”

As Mother’s Day approaches, Casey says she has plans to visit Megan and her other daughter, Brianna, in Cookeville.

“We talk on the phone every single day,” Casey says. “I still talk to my mom on the phone every day, and I love that bond we all share. I told my girls that if they couldn’t come to see me, I would come see them at least once a month – and I’ve been doing that for seven years! I’m looking forward to seeing them this weekend.”

Thanks to Casey and Megan for sharing their story with us! Happy Mother’s Day to Casey and all the other mothers out there!