Post Date - May 4, 2020

There are so many perks and advantages at Averitt Express for professional drivers (let’s hear it for low-cost insurance plans, profit-sharing, uniform allotment, Red Thinkin’ Rewards, personal conveyance program, and more), but one of the most important benefits we offer is the ability to grow and chart your career path.

We’ve found that when a position opens at Averitt, the best candidate for the job is usually one of us! That’s why we’ve made promotion from within a foundation of Averitt's culture.

Take a look at some of our numbers that reflect Averitt’s promote-from-within culture in 2019:

  • 85 associates promoted to leadership. 239 promotions to leadership in the last three years.
  • 134 truckload drivers made career transitions to other divisions. Of those, 64 were to LTL, 69 to supply chain, and 1 to maintenance.
  • Nearly 15% of Averitt associates are part of our “Over 20 Team” made up of individuals who have been here for more than 20 years.

Over the years, we've seen thousands of associates move into different roles along their career paths, and that trend continues to grow. Averitt believes you shouldn’t have to switch careers or companies to reach your professional growth goals. What do Averitt associates have to say about their career path? Check out a few of their stories in their own words:

Vincent Washington, service center director:

“My career at Averitt started part time on the dock then transitioned to driver. I drove for about a year and a half, and after that I went into operations where I dispatched for about 14 years. From there I went into the sales department where I worked about three years. Just recently, I was promoted to service center director in Augusta. The people here always encourage growth. I wanted to learn more and be part of what Averitt has to offer.”

Isaiah Woodard, service center director:

“When I started as a student driver, I looked at what Averitt had to offer. I felt there was a culture here. I felt there was a team atmosphere. After speaking to a recruiter, I went to Cookeville for orientation. I felt like this was an atmosphere I could be a part of. I was really appreciative of that. When I went back to my hotel, I called my wife and told her this could really be a great place for us. Even as a front-line leader I would get emails about leadership updates for part-time dock associates who are now leaders, who are regional VPs. A ton of success stories. I believe many people get into truck driving because they think that is what they want to do for the entirety of their career. However, not everyone feels the same way. If you are an individual who wants to continue to learn different facets or different aspects of trucking, that opportunity is available here.”

Melissa Goff, service center director

“We definitely have the option for growth. I started from a part-time position and worked my way up to a service center director. This is the company that if I had started here when I [first began my career], I’d still be here – I’d be one of the 30-year associates.”

Our unique culture is focused on building a strong team by helping you succeed in your chosen position and any other advancement opportunity you pursue. If you’re interested in where you can start – and grow – with Averitt, connect with us today.