Behind the scenes: Diesel mechanics keep trucks rolling strong

Post Date - Oct 4, 2022

The economic supply chain has gotten a lot of attention the last couple of years, with many in the country finally recognizing the crucial role truck drivers play in keeping us all supplied with everyday necessities. While we are always proud to celebrate our drivers, we also want to shine the spotlight on our diesel mechanics. They are the unsung heroes who make it possible for truck drivers to do their important work.

“We have so many service centers that have shops that there’s no reason for your equipment not to be tip-top here,” says John Tetreault, one of our driver associates. “You can get anything done at any one of our service centers. All the mechanics here, they get you taken care of, get you in and out in a timely manner, and you’re back on the road making money.”

What makes our diesel mechanics so special? For one, they have to be ready to handle any repair problem or maintenance need that comes their way. That means bumper-to-bumper preventive maintenance service and/or repair to tractors, trailers and forklifts.  Also, they sometimes have to be detectives. Averitt diesel mechanics use computers for diagnostics and troubleshooting to determine what may not be working properly and how to address it. Their day can include electrical troubleshooting, tire maintenance, minor transmission repair, brake and air-conditioning system repair, and the list goes on and on.

“You’ll hardly ever see us on the side of the road,” says driver associate Joe Ramsey. “We have maintenance shops at so many of our service centers.”

Rick Tetreault, another Averitt driver associate, agrees. “Maintenance is great,” he says. “They keep our trucks on the road.”

Another challenge for our maintenance team has been the ongoing shortage in truck parts. Items from all areas of the truck, such as bumpers, windshields, power steering, dash clusters, tires, adhesion glues, actuators, resin, shocks, fifth-wheel assemblies, suspensions, and more, are much harder to come by. This is one of the reasons it’s so important to us that we keep our fleet as current as possible – so breakdowns or maintenance issues are kept to a minimum.  

If you’re a diesel mechanic and want to showcase your skills where they will be appreciated and recognized, consider Averitt. We offer competitive pay based on how long you're on the clock, not just how many hours you spend fixing an issue. And while you work, you'll be in a clean, safe, state-of-the-art facility operating on modern, low-mileage equipment and making great pay on a schedule that works for you. 

Plus, Averitt has a positive, people-oriented culture that prioritizes our associates. We have outstanding, affordable benefits that take effect just 30 days after you’re hired. For more information on our current health benefits package, click here. We also offer FSA/HSA, 401(k), company-provided life insurance, and holiday pay. And we take care of you off the clock too – our associates receive holiday pay after 30 days and can enjoy paid time off after 90 days.

Averitt associates can feel secure in their future because we help you save for retirement with our Profit-Sharing plan. A percentage of our profits is given back to associates as monthly direct deposits into their 401(k) retirement accounts.

Our diesel mechanics are kept comfortable and looking sharp every day, as uniforms are provided and routinely cleaned.

Lastly, Averitt offers an incentive program that is second to none. Red Thinkin’ Rewards is a point system that rewards our associates for the work they do every day. Great performance builds up points that associates can use on thousands of items in our catalog, such as vacation packages, truck gear, electronics, jewelry, and much more.

If you enjoy a challenge with lots of variety in your workday, learn how you can start your journey with Averitt as a diesel mechanic today!