Post Date - May 26, 2020

If you’re ready to take the next step in your career, Averitt makes it possible with our Dock-to-Driver Training Program, an exciting opportunity to transition from the dock to the road while still earning money and receiving benefits.

Averitt driver Brian Barnes completed the program and encourages others to make the change. “You may be kind of nervous about it at first, you know getting into the truck, but there’s nothing to be nervous about!” Barnes says. “Just take a chance and it will pay off for you in the long run.”

This on-the-job training program pays you to work on the dock while learning the skills to earn your CDL alongside an elite Averitt driver trainer.

Jose Martinez, who participated in the program and is now a successful Averitt driving associate, says the trainers are top-notch and the career path strong. “I took advantage of this program and these trainers are some of the best that we have here at Averitt,” says Martinez. “I talk a lot to my fellow associates and I let them know that if you want to become a driver, don’t discourage yourself. You need to get in, get with the program and everything should be fine. I have been here 16 years and … I’m thankful that Averitt has given me the opportunity to grow within the company.”

As an Averitt driving associate, you earn excellent pay along with many extras. Our Truckload drivers enjoy Minimum Mile pay for runs that are less than 150 miles ($138 Dry Van, $144 Flatbed, based on rate of pay) or between 151 and 425 miles ($195.50 Dry Van, $204 Flatbed, based on rate of pay) to make every mile worthwhile. We also offer $66 Per Diem to keep you rolling comfortably, $200 Shuttle Run pay, and a little something extra every time you bump the dock.

The company offers many bonus and reward opportunities as well. For those new to Averitt, associates can boost earning power with no-maximum referral bonuses for all positions – with extra bucks for drivers and mechanics. We have remarkably low-cost medical, dental, vision, and hearing benefit plans for individuals and families. As an Averitt associate, our profit-sharing plan is an exciting opportunity for you to share in the rewards of our efforts -- a portion of our profits are given back to you as monthly direct deposits into your retirement account! There is also a $150 Uniform Allotment to keep our associates professional and sharp looking every day. We’re proud of our Averitt red and are happy to offer a uniform allotment to keep you looking your best.

Because of Averitt’s wide variety of opportunities, associates generally stay with the company because they can continue to grow their careers in many directions. In fact, nearly 15% of our associates have been with us for more than 20 years.

Driving associate Kendall Painter, previously a dock associate, said she was particularly impressed with that statistic.

“When I was told how many people were on the Over 20 Team, I looked around thought ‘there’s a reason!’ It’s been a great experience,” she says, stating she is happy she made the transition. “You get paid more as a driver than on the docks so that helps tremendously.”

These amazing extras and opportunities are unique to Averitt and make our opportunities more than just a job. It’s a place to chart your career path and enjoy more rewards that you can’t get with other carriers. If you’re interested in making the transition from dock employee to driving associate, connect with us today and let us help!

Ready to make a change? APPLY NOW to be an Averitt Part Time Dock Associate!

You’ll receive top pay, top benefits and the support of an entire team, including one-on-one instruction from. And you’ll get a jumpstart on a career path with endless possibilities.

Don’t take another job. Start your career with Averitt and see just how far you can go. Once you get to experience Averitt’s culture of teamwork and professionalism, you'll know you’re home to stay.

Kendall Painter – “When I was told how many people were in the 20 year club, I looked around thought ‘there’s a reason.’ It’s been a great experience.

You get paid more as a driver than on the docks so that helps tremendously".

Brian Barnes – Making the transition from dock associate to driver is one of the best decisions you can make.I sat down and had a conversatioin with the driver trainer and I had told him I think I wan to end up driving a truck.You may be kind of nervous about it at first, you know getting into the truck, but there’s nothing to be nervous about! Just take a chance and it will pay off for you in the long run.[Averitt] is one of the best companies out there that you can work for. These people treat you like family. You will be doing something that you love, gaining a lot of truck driving experience,