Post Date - Mar 26, 2020

In recognition of Women’s History Month, Averitt Express turns the spotlight on the women who drive our industry – and economy! Valerie and Tina, two of our professional drivers who represent women truckers, answer questions about being part of the Averitt family.

Why did you decide to get into the trucking business?

Valerie: I was looking for a job I knew I could stick with, so I went to a truck driving school and became a truck driver.

Tina: It actually started when I was younger. I rode with my dad! He was a flatbed driver. I would actually go and ride with him during the summer when I didn’t have school. I would get out and see what the job was. At such a young age, I was like, “One day I’m going to be a truck driver!”

You’re both veterans -- What did you do in the military?

Valerie: I was in the Marines for four years as a cook, and then I went into the Army for six years, also as a cook.

Tina: I was a weapons trooper (TW1). Put weapon systems on F-16s and A-10s. Good job. It was like right off the flight lines so it’s an amazing job, but I don’t think that was the career for me.

What drove you to come to Averitt Express?

Valerie: I knew who Averitt was; I’d seen you guys on the road. You guys were in uniform and I had good dealings with Averitt when I was at the service center. My friend, who lives in Cookeville, said why don’t you come over here and come stay with me and see if you can get with Averitt. I looked Averitt up, as a matter of fact, and started doing research and you guys had a good reputation and a lot of drivers liked you. So, I applied and I was very fortunate for you guys hiring me.

Tina: I knew you guys worked out of Clarksville (TN). A lot of companies don’t have a place where you can park in your actual hometown. It brought me closer to home. I knew from talking to [a fellow Averitt driver] that Averitt gets you home every weekend. It’s more of a family-oriented company. Not a lot of companies do that.

As women drivers, what is something you particularly like about Averitt Express?

Valerie: I like Averitt because you make it a point to hire women and veterans. Just hiring good people all around. Averitt’s professional – I just know that this is a company that I want to finish my career in. I just like the feeling I get with being with Averitt.

Tina: I like that I get to meet some of the other drivers that we have. You build relationships.

What do you like about the Averitt Service Centers?

Valerie: The service centers are great! I’m so glad to be with a company that has service centers all over the place where I can stop, get fuel, grab a shower, or take some time to relax.

Tina: Our driver support centers have showers, TVs, lounge chairs. I will not move my truck until I pre-plan and I see exactly where I’m going. If there’s a service center in between there, I’m stopping there. I’m not stopping at a truck stop; I stop at the safest place that I know, and I know our yards are safe.

How do you feel Averitt drivers relate to each other and help out?

Valerie: No matter what it is, whether it’s moving or changing jobs within the company because their life situation has changed, it’s great to be able to tell someone, “Come here, you’re not alone. If you join Averitt, you’re not alone.” You have people who care and will help you when you need help.

Tina: If I need to call someone – hey, I’m in trouble, where do I go, what do I do – someone else may know what I don’t know. I like meeting new people. New drivers can come up to me and ask, “What do I do?” And I am here to help.

Averitt salutes these professional women – and proud military veterans – for their contribution to the industry and to Averitt. If you’d like to learn more about Averitt Express, contact our recruiters and ask about joining the Averitt family today!