Post Date - Apr 22, 2020

Averitt associates are instantly recognizable by their bright red shirts and sharp overall look, which perfectly pairs with our professional performance! Why are uniforms such an important part of how we look and operate?

For one, we want to look and act as one team. Our uniforms tell the world that our associates are part of something bigger than just themselves; they’re an important piece of the Averitt organization, much like the servicemen and women who make up our outstanding U.S. military. We offer a generous uniform allowance so associates can keep their look impeccable day in and day out.

Next is safety. There’s nothing more important to Averitt than the safety of our associates, our customers and the public. We make sure our uniforms are ready for work down to the smallest detail, like reflective striping on shirts, hats and outerwear or non-skid soles on boots.

Averitt associates are proud to wear our professional, high-quality uniforms, not only because they look so good, but also because they’re practical! As an Averitt associate, you’re not putting the wear and tear on your favorite pair of jeans or wasting money on shirts that won’t hold up to the work you do. When you’re getting ready for your week, you don’t have to think about what clothes you’ll wear on the job – it’s all set. And one of the best parts is the respect wearing a professional uniform inspires in customers, fellow driving professionals, and others you meet on the road. When you look top-notch and operate as a professional, that’s how people treat you.

To help associates look their best and be most comfortable, Averitt has a custom catalog for associates to choose the types of shirts, shorts, pants, hats, gloves, jackets, coveralls and other items they need to be ready for the workday. All new driving associates receive uniforms during orientation and all drivers receive a $150 uniform allowance to help cover the costs each year. Once they have the uniform pieces they want, Averitt offers practical tips for keeping a polished look. This includes making sure to take care of stains, watch for color fading, and keep buttons holding tight.

We know that even with the best care, our hard-working associates will eventually wear out those collars and cuffs and fade our famous red. Averitt has partnered with a charity that repurposes used uniform shirts. You send in five worn-out uniform shirts, and we’ll send you a brand new one!

Yes, it takes a special kind of person to wear Averitt red, and we’re immensely proud of those on the Averitt team. Are you ready to join an organization that takes pride in YOU? Turn here.