Post Date - Dec 1, 2020

Robert Sims, an Averitt driving associate domiciled in Columbia, SC, is an avid cyclist who keeps rolling whether on his bicycle or in his truck.

“Becoming a professional truck driver was something on my bucket list, but I wanted to be sure I did not jeopardize my health by sitting all day,” Robert says. “I had some pretty traumatic spine injuries and surgery and knew I needed to keep moving to stay healthy and strong.”

Robert’s dedicated run takes him from Columbia to Lexington, KY and back, where he gets home through the week and weekends. Since he has a regular schedule, Robert is able to take his bike on the road and plan cycling during the week. “On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I ride 30-35 miles each day during my 10-hour break. On the weekends, I ride another 30-40 miles.”

A former high school football player and U.S. Army serviceman, Robert says cycling while on the road can be challenging, particularly as winter weather approaches. However, he says his dedicated schedule makes it much easier. “I know just where to go to ride safely without a lot of traffic,” he says. “In Lexington, I ride the Legacy Trail, a 12-mile off-road, paved trail that is perfect for rides.”

On weekends when he’s home, Robert rides at Ft. Jackson military base, which has miles of low-traffic roads frequented primarily by soldiers in training. Although he has not participated in bike races or competitions, Robert says he is always up for rides supporting charities and causes close to his heart, such as those benefiting cancer research or diabetes treatment.

With Averitt for two and a half years, Robert says he was the equivalent of a fleet manager in the Army and taught wrecker recovery for 21 years. When he decided he wanted to get behind the wheel himself, he attended truck driving school where an Averitt representative did a presentation about the opportunities at the company. “I really liked their professionalism and everything Averitt offered. I had narrowed my choices to three carriers and decided to go with Averitt. It’s been good for me,” he says.

Robert encourages other professional drivers to stay active on or off the road. “Don’t let the seat take all your energy! Get out and enjoy life,” he says. “Without good health, you can’t do any of the things you want to do with family or friends. It’s not as hard as you think! Just get started.”

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Robert Sims