Post Date - Aug 20, 2021

When Averitt mechanic and father of five Anthony Baker wakes up in the morning, he can be confident that his job is secure and stable. And as Averitt celebrates our 50th anniversary this year, Baker knows we’ve got his back.

“With the way the job market is and the way companies fold, it’s a relief to know the company can endure that long — it’s still driving, pushing, stronger,” he said. “That lets me know that I still have a job.”

Baker spent eight years in the Marine Corps. He served in Afganistan and Qatar before completely his service and joining Averitt in Birmingham, AL as a mechanic.

“I like the uniformity of the company,” Baker said. “Even with the variety of trucks, you still know they’re Averitt’s, and the trailers, you know they are Averitt’s too.”

Not only does Baker have job security with Averitt, he gets the pay and benefits he needs to support his family. In his four years with the company, Baker has been able to grow his 401(k) -- giving him even more peace of mind for the future.

“I can take a percentage out of my pay and put it in the 401(k) and Averitt actually puts some into it as well,” Baker said. “That’s cool!”

Averitt employees can contribute 1 to 75 percent of their weekly pay, pre tax, to a retirement account through our traditional and Roth 401(k) plans.
We know we have the best team in the world, so our benefits show it.
“It makes you feel a sense of stability,” he said. “It makes you feel real good.”

If you’re ready to turn toward the future, join us! Call us at 931-881-3361 or visit averittjobs.com to learn more today!