Post Date - Aug 7, 2019

At Averitt, we firmly believe in empowering our associates to follow their passions and career goals. Starting your career path doing one job doesn’t mean you have to stick with that one thing for your entire career if your interests take you elsewhere. That’s why we give our associates every opportunity to move into different roles within our company and help them succeed wherever they choose.

Our “Promote From Within” mindset is one of our core values because we’ve found that the best person for the job is typically already one of us. We’ve seen 259 inside promotions in just the last three years.

Melissa Goff, a Service Center Director from Baton Rouge, La., started working with us back in 1999. She worked part time, which allowed her to put her kids on the bus in the mornings and be home to get them off the bus in the afternoons.

“I went full time in 2006 and in 2010 I became a front line leader and worked my way up from there,” says Goff. “I did everything I could possibly do and learned what I could possibly learn to get where I am now. Averitt definitely has the options for growth.”

Vincent Washington’s career journey has been similar. He began working with us in 1998 and started part time at the dock. Later, he became a driver and then worked in operations as a dispatcher for 14 years. From there, he transitioned into the sales department for a few years before he was promoted to Service Center Director in Augusta, Ga.

“Growth from within is one of the first things I learned about Averitt. Everyone here always encourages growth,” he adds. “I wanted to learn more, to be out there and be a part of what Averitt has to offer.”

Nearly 15 percent of our workforce has been with Averitt for 20 years or more. We’re proud to foster a unique culture in our industry that proves you can build a strong team by bringing people opportunities for advancement. We believe you shouldn’t have to switch careers or companies to change your job.

For Isaiah Woodard, he was attracted to our company’s driver-focused atmosphere. He distinctly remembers going to orientation and knowing that he was in the right place to build his career. Today, Woodard is now a Service Center Director in our Ft. Myers, Fla., facility.

“Many people get into truck driving because they believe that this is what they want to do for the entirety of their career, but not everybody feels that way,” explains Woodard. “If you’re an individual that wants to continue to learn different aspects or facets of trucking, then that opportunity is available for you at Averitt.”

Whether it’s part time, full time, on the dock or in our call center, our associates are always first in line for promotions and new job opportunities. We’re looking for the leaders, the doers and the innovators that make our industry great. There’s always a place for you here and we’d love to help you find it.