A Journey into Intermodal Driving with Averitt

Post Date - May 30, 2024

Intermodal driving, which involves picking up and delivering containers to and from ports and rail yards on Averitt-owned chassis, presents a distinct blend of challenges and rewards within the transportation industry. This special area of transport service requires not only a Class A CDL but also a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC) and, preferably, hazmat and tanker endorsements, which have to be earned within 30 days of being an intermodal driver. Daniel Price and Kassi Maxwell are two skilled intermodal driving associates on the Averitt team who share their insights into intermodal driving with us.

Kassi joined our team three years ago as a regional driver, initially drawn to our team because of the weekend home time and well-balanced workforce, which included individuals of all ages, genders, and races. Daniel's journey with us began six months ago, driven by a desire for stability, reliable benefits, and a supportive work environment. After joining our team, he remembers our CEO Gary Sasser personally calling him to welcome him on board.

"That personal touch shows they value their associates. It's more than just a job; it's a community," Daniel said. We are committed to creating a supportive community where every associate feels welcomed, valued, and appreciated for the hard work, skill, and dedication they bring.

Daniel was also drawn to our reputation for consistent work and dependable medical benefits—a crucial factor for him, given his wife's chronic health condition. This sense of security and stability is a cornerstone of our commitment to our associates, ensuring you can balance your professional and personal lives without unnecessary stress.

The support we offer our associates stood out for Kassi as well; she adds that our commitment to equality and growth opportunities resonates deeply with her.

"Averitt has so much to offer,” she said. “I've seen equality firsthand; you aren’t doubted for being a woman. I've seen people grow and advance… going from the dock to being leaders.”

For Daniel, joining our team represented more than just a job; it was an opportunity to establish roots and grow professionally in a company he could call home.

"Joining Averitt was about stability and reliable benefits for me and my family. I knew Averitt's reputation for consistency would be a good fit," he said.

Unlike traditional routes, intermodal drivers frequent ocean ports, inland ports, and rail yards witnessing the hustle and bustle of ships and trains being unloaded and freight being transferred. This requires a heightened sense of attentiveness and skill for intermodal drivers.

"I love the challenge and extra responsibility,” Kassi said. “Being a female in intermodal makes me feel empowered behind the wheel.”

Daniel appreciates the strong relationships built with customers—a testament to our commitment to professionalism and reliability. As a first-party company, we prioritize clear communication, on-time deliveries, and safety, fostering a culture of mutual respect and understanding among drivers and customers. Daniel enjoys the networking opportunities and continuous improvement initiatives that come with being an Averitt driver.

"The relationships with customers are different here. There is a long-time tradition of understanding and expectation that has been built over the years," he said. “I love interacting with the customers and my fellow drivers. The networking and growth opportunities here are endless—there’s always a way to improve yourself."

To new intermodal drivers joining our team, Daniel offers valuable advice: “Absorb as much as you can, stay adaptable, and find a good mentor.”

For new intermodal drivers at Averitt, Kassi advises them to embrace the opportunity fully and not limit themselves.

“You’ll love it once you get here,” she said. “It feels too good to be true, but it’s not.”

Intermodal driving with us is not just a job but a fulfilling and rewarding career path with a supportive community and opportunities for personal and professional growth. If you're considering a career in intermodal driving, connect with us today for more information on our intermodal opportunities, along with other driving and nondriving opportunities.