A CDL-A driver’s roadmap to Operation Safe Driver Week

Post Date - Jul 5, 2023

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s annual Operation Safe Driver Week is quickly approaching. As CDL-A drivers, you spend most of your time on U.S. highways and roadways, making driver safety a top concern. Whether you’ve been on the road during Operation Safe Driver Week before, or this is your first year experiencing it, here’s a roadmap for navigating it.

What is Operation Safe Driver Week?

CVSA’s Operation Safe Driver Week is an outreach initiative meant to raise awareness of safe driving and promote safe driving practices through educational and traffic enforcement strategies. This year it will take place from July 9 to July 15.

Data supports that interactions with law enforcement officers effectively alter driving behavior for the better. During Operation Safe Driver Week, law enforcement will be on the lookout for problematic or unsafe driving habits, with an emphasis on speeding.

What will happen?

Law enforcement personnel will assess if unsafe driving practices are occurring and, if necessary, will interact with drivers by issuing a citation or warning, all with the hope of increasing on-the-road safety. Along with speeding, law enforcement personnel will be monitoring and addressing distracted driving and the failure to use seat belts.

What can I do?

Do all the things you’ve already been doing – maintain an appropriate speed, keep your focus on the road, and use all the proper safety measures. Our driving associates have always strived to follow safe driving practices and we’re confident this week will be no different.

  • Rest up: Mistakes behind the wheel or instances of impaired judgement increase without the proper amount of sleep.
  • Stay aware: Ensure you are always aware of the posted speed limit. Routinely check your speedometer to make sure you’re following the posted speed limit.
  • Buckle up: No matter how short the distance you are driving, even from dock-to-dock at the same terminal, buckle up.

One of our core values is safety, it’s a driving force behind all that we do. Connect with us today for a driving career you can rely on.