6 tips to care for your mental health

Post Date - Feb 20, 2023

Taking care of your mental health can seem like an overwhelming task. And it is easy to forget that your mental health is just as important as your physical health. At Averitt, we want our associates to have the tools they need to best support themselves, not just professionally but also mentally and physically. Here are six tips to help you care for your mental health.

Sleep maintenance

Some days behind the wheel can get pretty busy. Making sure that you’re getting plenty of rest is key in maintaining your mental health. If you aren’t giving your mind and body the time it needs to recoup, you may start noticing a decline in your overall mood and stress levels. The CDC recommends that adults get a minimum of seven hours of sleep a night. Creating a bedtime routine personalized to your needs can get you on the right track to getting sufficient rest. Consider calming activities like going on a short walk or reading a book before bed.

Connect with other drivers

No one quite understands the truck driving industry like your fellow truck drivers. Being on the move and away from your loved ones can be difficult. In some cases, it can lead to feelings of isolation or loneliness. These feelings have been linked to instances of anxiety or depression. Having someone who understands the struggles that can come with life on the road is a great way to deal with these feelings if they arise. We recognize this need for connection, which is why we created a private Facebook group for our associates to talk with other professional drivers, offer support, answer any questions, and give advice!

Relaxation techniques

Never doubt the power of taking a few deep breaths! You can find yourself in some stressful situations while in the driver’s seat. Having a quick way to ground yourself can stop a stressful situation from turning into something worse. Deep breathing exercises or creating a consistent meditation habit can give you the tools you need to ground yourself during intense or overwhelming situations. Having ways to calm yourself down in times of stress can benefit your overall mental health.

Prioritize physical health

It’s no secret that your physical health directly influences your mental health. If you aren’t caring for your physical well-being in the right ways, your mental well-being can start to suffer. To help our associates prioritize their physical health, we’ve included fitness centers at many of our service centers! Along with getting exercise, you should eat plenty of nutrient-dense foods to best support your wellness. If you’re looking for more information on how to best care for your physical health, check out our blog Healthy Tips for Truckers in the New Year.

Pick up a hobby

Having hobbies that you can enjoy while on the road is a great way to keep your mind clear and spirits high! Some popular hobbies among those in the truck driving community include cooking, reading, working sudoku or crossword puzzles, and finding scenic areas to go on walks. We even have a few knitters and cross-stitchers out there! All of these activities can give you something else to focus on if you find yourself missing home or feeling especially stressed out. Having an after-work hobby also gives you a way to unwind and decompress after a long day, which will promote a healthy headspace!

Reach out for help

Knowing when it’s time to reach out to mental health professionals is so important. Managing your mental health can be an extremely demanding task and sometimes you need outside help to overcome challenges. We offer our associates a free counseling program with confidential services that provide support for a variety of mental health challenges. Admitting you need help can be tough, but your mental health is well worth it!

If you’re searching for a carrier that prioritizes their associates, look no further than Averitt. Connect with us today to learn more about our driving opportunities!